Founded in 2005, Global Building Solutions, or GBS, is a master developer that works with strategic partners around the world to provide “built-in-America” quality at competitive prices.  GBS is a privately-held United States company with multiple wholly-owned and joint-owned foreign subsidiaries.  GBS has extensive experience in international real estate development, manufacturing and construction.  

GBS uses traditional building methods as well as new technologies such as Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs.  In any environment, SIP construction allows quick mobilization of people and materials to the building site, faster completion of the project, and the efficient redeployment of people and equipment to new projects.

GBS was formed to exploit the growing demand for energy-efficient housing and construction materials.  After years of successful business in the United States and Canada, our first international efforts were carried out in the Caribbean Basin and Sub-Saharan Africa where SIP construction proved extremely efficient and profitable as part of the overall development strategy of the firm.

Partnering with internationally renowned groups has allowed GBS to grow its business into the Middle East, establishing several sites in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Qatar.  With these local partners, a new direction in development has expanded GBS into an owner/developer of several projects in the region.

From our foundation in South Carolina to our growth in the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East, GBS maintains its
Expeditionary Development mission: to cooperate, not compete in bringing high quality, smart, environmentally responsible developments to all corners of the globe.